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Surge Active Trim

Why settle for 1 thing when you can have 2. Maximize your results during your workout with all natural energy with the added benefit of fat burning. You shouldn’t have to settle for strong or lean, when you can have both. LEAN, Sexy, Sculpted.

Specifically designed to help blast past those fat burning plateaus. With TRIM specifically formulated weight-loss blend it is designed to help you keep burning those stubborn calories all while maintaining and improving that lean sculpted look. Mental focus, energy, and fat burning complex with added thermogenic support that will make you sweat. All this in one formula to help you blast through your workout and achieve that lean, sexy, and sculpted look you desire. 

  • Citrulline malate: Designed to help increase nitric oxide in the bloodstream for increased pump, endurance and muscle growth
  • Norvaline: Designed to keep nitric oxide levels sustained in the bloodstream. Better endurance and pumps during your workout!
  • Synephrine: A natural fat burning complex to help maximize fat burning during your workout. 
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