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Notorious + Inflame

Notorious is the Best Muscle Building supplement from Alchemy Labs

Our goal when we sat down to develop Notorious with our R&D team was to make sure this formula would be the best in the following areas:

  1. Building Lean Muscle Mass
  2. Strength & Power 
  3. Safety & Potency

    Notorious is the highest dosed pro-hormone in our product line, which makes it the perfect match for guys wanting to bulk—without water retention—and achieve a lean, "built" look.

    INFLAME — Natural Muscle Builder

    Why is INFLAME one of our most popular products? The answer is simple: With a huge 750mg dose of Arachidonic Acid, INFLAME activates signals to the body to start building more muscle tissue.

    Studies have demonstrated that Arachidonic Acid increases muscle cell inflammation, which helps tear and break down more muscle tissue during training. This may lead to greater strength — and whether your goal is to bulk, lean out, or merely maintain a fit lifestyle, who doesn't want that?

    When you experience INFLAME, you will sense copious amounts of blood being forced into the muscle due to mega doses of Agmatine Sulfate and L-Norvaline. Within days, consumers have reported increased muscle strength, greater recovery, and even weight loss.*


    • Enhance muscle breakdown*
    • Increase protein synthesis*
    • Shatter stubborn plateaus*
    • Improve strength levels*
    • Develop a lean, dry physique*
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