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Are you ready to move away from stimulant based pre-workout supplements that relay on nervous energy? Magnum OPUS was developed to activate explosive gains in muscle growth, delay the onset of muscular fatigue, create new anabolic fuel faster and significantly increase strength levels. Magnum OPUS enables you to breakthrough new barriers of muscular performance and exposes the limitations of existing formulas by supercharging your bodies muscular energy cycle while keeping you in a 100% anabolic environment right from the very first serving! This is a true revolution, one in which we move away from stimulants and nervous energy, and look towards awe inspiring workouts powered by Magnum OPUS® Anabolic Energy!

About the product
  • STIMULANT FREE PRE-WORKOUT - Move away from stimulants and nervous energy pre-workout supplements. Magnum Opus is a pharmaceutical grade intense intra-workout developed to activate explosive gains without the use of stimulants.
  • ANAEROBIC PERFORMANCE - Supercharges Your Bodies Muscular Energy Cycle While Keeping You In a 100% Anabolic State! Enter the gym a human and leave the gym a beast!
  • DELAY FATIGUE - Workout harder and longer with no limitation! A key ingredient that allows you to train harder without burning muscle tissue is L-Leucine. Leucine is a branched-chain amino acid, or BCAA, that is an essential source of energy for your muscles. - Formulated to Delay The Onset of Muscular Fatigue
  • IMPROVE STRENGTH - A key ingredient found in Magnum OPUS® is the patented Carnosyn®, which is the purest and highest quality Instantized Beta Alanine. CarnoSyn® activates enzymes responsible for generating muscle contractions and increases intra-muscular Carnosine, which is used by your type II muscle fibers for explosive movements like weight training and sprinting.
  • FAST ACTING FORMULA - Magnum OPUS® is the first workout fuel that you feel in minutes without any stimulants. Magnum OPUS® enables you to train harder than ever before with no fear of losing muscle or energy production breakdown.*

48, 1 scoop servings per bottle Under 130lbs: Take 1 scoop daily 5 - 15 minutes prior to training Over 130lbs: Take 2 scoops daily 5 - 15 minutes prior to training

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