• Hardcore Hulk Stack + Liver/PCT Support

Hardcore Hulk Stack + Liver/PCT Support


YK-11 although lumped into the SARM category is actually a myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin inhibits muscle growth. By inhibiting the inhibitor, YK-11 promotes rapid muscle growth. YK-11 has been shown to be more anabolic than dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  

Serving Size: 3 Caps, Serving per container: 30 Serving, Amount Per Serving: 4 mg/ml

Half Life

6 – 10 hours.


3 – 6 mg twice a day in an 8-12 week cycle.

Side Effects

Mild, reversible liver impairment (liver guard suggested). YK-11 has been noted to be suppressive of endogenous testosterone, making a full post-cycle therapy necessary.


Ibutamorin MK-0677, also known by the chemical name of the SARM Ibutamoren MK 677, is growth hormone secretagogue that increases IGF and Growth Hormone levels.  In several studies, Ibutamorin increased IGF-1 levels between 38-90%. It is also known to increase both muscle mass and bone mineral density. It stimulates the pituitary gland to release stored growth hormone to the body for use. By using growth hormone secretors, the body increases production of its own growth hormone. As a result, the body repairs and rejuvenates itself over time, which slows down the aging process.

Build Lean Muscle Mass

It allows you to gain mass and get you a shredded physique without you having to put on unnecessary body fat. Users of Ibutamoren have reported growing up to 6 lbs of lean muscle mass in 8 weeks.

Possible Effects

As a non-hormonal supplement, Ibutamorin does not affect natural testosterone production or the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis (HPTA). Which means that consumers don’t need post cycle therapy (PCT) after its usage. Some of the usual side effects that result with elevated GH levels such as numb hands, some lethargy, as well as slight increased appetite have been reported. However they can be controlled by following the correct dosage and instructions as prescribed.

Recommended Dosage

For general health and fat burning, a daily dosage of 10mg/day is sufficient enough to improve HGH levels and see results. However, if you want to maximize the muscle building effects of Ibutamorin, you should consider increasing your dosage up to a dosage of 50mg/day.

If you are taking any medications or have a medical condition, you should consult your doctor before taking this dietary supplement.


LGD-4033, also known Ligandrol, is a SARMs that has been shown to have positive effects on muscle building, body recomposition, sex drive, and bone density. Already in human trials, Ligandrol has been shown to be highly selective for muscle and bone cells, largely ignoring prostate or sebaceous cells. This makes the side effects for LGD-4033 minimal. Serving Size: 2 Caps, Servings per Container 30, Amount per Serving 25mg/ml

Half Life

24 – 36 hours.


25mg in an 8-week cycle.

Side Effects

Although few side effects have been shown, Ligandrol is more suppressive of endogenous testosterone and sex hormone-binding globulin than other SARMs, making a full post-cycle therapy necessary. Ligandrol has not shown effects on luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, or estradiol.

PCT Complete 

PCT Complete is a powerful HPG axis stimulator designed for serious athletes and adults.  This sex hormone management formula can be used as a PCT or wide spectrum performance enhancer.  User may experience an elevated hormonal state, leading to harder muscle, better recovery, decreased fat storage, and marked increases in libido.

The ingredient profile of this Dietary Supplement has been researched to address distinct multiple pathways of hormonal influence.

  • Dramatically Increase Free Testosterone
  • Stimulate Growth Hormone Release
  • Intensify Sexual Ability & Desire
  • Annihilate Estrogen & Cortisol
  • Increase Energy & Stamina

Unlike other proprietary formulas with low mg amounts just to have a show of print, this supplement is a game changer loaded with actual clinically researched dosing amounts needed to achieve an effect the user can actually feel.

This supplement is packed with a load of key ingredients to support your entire body post cycle. It helps liver and organ function, heart function and is a great prostate support aid too.

At 3,905 mgs of dose, this is what a real test booster is supposed to be.

180 Capsules
Serving Size: 6 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

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