• Hardcore Andarin S4 SARM

Hardcore Andarin S4

ANDRIN (Andarine) S4 SARM by Hardcore Formulations 25mg 60 caps

ANDRIN (Andarine) S4 SARM by Hardcore Formulations is one of the most powerful SARMs on the market today.  SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) have come to stay as they are risk free and better alternatives of steroids in achieving desired body building goals. However, when it comes to the different SARMs, one stands out with its extraordinary benefits. Andarine by Hardcore Formulation is the extraordinary body building SARM that delivers bigger enhancement packages than other SARMs. Designed initially as a contraceptive, further studies on mice showed its extraordinary benefits as a muscle mass builder and other huge benefits associated with it. Also known as S4 SARM, Hardcore Formulations Anadrin is a SARM with selective activity on tissue growth.

Ingredients In Andarin

One serving of Hardcore Formulations Anadrin contains 25mg of 100% Andarine S4 SARM as its active ingredients.

Dosage and Possible Side Effects

In order to reduce the side effects of high dose overwhelming the body, recommended dosage for beginner users who wish to gain lean muscle and increase stamina is 25mg daily for a maximum of five days every week for 8 weeks. After this, PCT of 8 weeks is duly followed to enable the body normalize its testosterone hormone levels. Beginner users should ensure to take this supplement on days of gym activities and stay off taking the supplement for two days to avoid any side effect from setting in. For advanced users, the dosage would be to take 3 divided doses of 50-75mg daily with meal. Once taken, its half life and duration of action is 2 and half hours. Side effects arise only with improper dosing and are also reversible. However, with higher doses, it can give a yellow tint to one’s vision and night vision.

Benefits of Andarine S4 SARM

SARMs work on androgenic receptors (AR) and so does Andarine. It binds to the AR to initiate the production of genes implicated in muscle and bone growth when this AR is attached to by a testosterone. Rather than act as regular androgens would, Andarine selectively achieves anabolic activities with its attachment to these receptors. The anabolic activities that Andarine offers include:

  • Body fat loss with no loss in weight
  • Increase in muscle vascularity, stamina and strength
  • Preservation, regeneration and improvement of lean body mass
  • Improvement of bone density and combating osteoporosis
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