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BioPower ATP Chelated Creatine Complex


bioPOWER ATP is the ultimate creatine transport system, formulated to achieve optimal assimilation into the muscle cell while eliminating the need to consume insulin spiking sugars. bioPOWER ATP utilizes Chelated Creatine, a patented process of molecularly bonding magnesium (transport mineral) to a pure creatine molecule. This results in the bypassing of cyclization (the process of creatine converting to creatinine, a non-usable waste product), creating much more absorption than other creatine. bioPOWER ATP’s synergistic inclusion of Ribose and Betaine takes strength gains to levels that far exceed any other product in its category.

ZERO Water Retention
Water molecule free, so you'll achieve maximum strength while staying dry and hard.

Lean Hard Gains
Because we've eliminated the possibility of water retention, the gains you make are the gains you keep!


  • Explosive Muscle Contraction
  • Increase Muscular Endurance
  • Zero Water Retention
  • Safe for All Athletes
  • 30 Day Cycle
  • $39.99
  • - $-39.99