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On your journey to sculpt the ultimate physique, you have a lot of different options to assist you with the process. On one end of the spectrum you have things that are extremely safe but only mildly effective, such as creatine and protein powder. On the other end of the spectrum you have things that are extremely effective, but there is also a substantial risk for side effects, not to mention legality issues.

Arachidonic acid is somewhere in the middle. Still very safe and obviously legal to purchase, but way more powerful than anything you can buy at your typical brick and mortar supplement store.

Clinical Studies

Researchers at the University of Tampa put Arachidonic acid to the test with a double-blind, eight-week clinical trial. The group supplementing with ARA displayed significantly greater lean body mass, strength, and power over the placebo group after eight weeks of training [1]. The researchers speculated that the ARA supplement was able to prevent training adaptation from happening, allowing inflammation-induced growth to continue beyond traditional levels.

The study used a daily dosage of 1,500mg/day. The prevailing view of researchers is that a daily dosage of 1,000-3,000mg/day is optimal, depending on body weight. A smaller female would use a daily dosage of 1,000mg/day. An extremely large bodybuilder could usage a dosage up to 3,000mg/day.

Arachidonic Acid Daily Dosages

Body Weight & Daily Dosage
Less than 150 pounds: 1,000mg

150-200 pounds: 1,500mg

200-250 pounds: 2,000mg

250+ pounds: 2,500mg

The Bottom Line

Arachidonic acid plays an essential role in the growth and repair of skeletal muscle tissue. It is an essential dietary component in the muscle hypertrophy process.

low levels of arachidonic acid levels are one of the primary factors contributing to the ‘plateau’ effect in resistance training.

Small amounts of Arachidonic acid are naturally present in food, but the amount is pretty much negligible. For example, A 3-ounce serving of beef roast contains only 0.042 gram of arachidonic acid.

Each capsule of Enhanced Athlete Arachidonic Acid contains 350mg of pure arachidonic acid.


Take 4 capsules 30 minutes before workingout on an empty stomach for best results. Do not exceed 8 capsules in one day.


As with any dietary supplement, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product. Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children.