FarmFed // Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate

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Doesn’t sit heavy in your stomach and tastes fantastic. The banana split dippin’ dots flavor is fantastic with peanut butter and muttled bananas!

Paige anderson

Anyone that has written a bad review on this protein powder has not had a ton to compare it to, because this stuff is phenomenal. We buy the banana and strawberry dip n dots flavors and they are SO GOOD. I mix the banana with almond milk and put it with cheerios and it’s basically dessert. Seriously can’t say enough. Both are good with water or milk, they mix phenomenally, super thin and easy to drink. Zero chalkiness.

Andrea Ramirez
Hair ball inside protein powder container.

I used to like this product until my last purchase. I found a hair ball inside my strawberry dipping dots protein, and I have pictures to prove it. I was very disappointed and will not be using this brand anymore. Please lookout and check your protein every time you get a scoop.

Reed Perrin
Ace and sledge farm fed

I love the taste and the consistency of this protein. It also digest really easy. This will probably be my permanent protein at this current price point.

Jordan Brueck
Unbiased Review

When it comes to protein, I am very picky with my taste and texture. I did plenty of research and read countless reviews in my quest to find the best protein for me. I’ve tried proteins such as ISO100 and the overwhelming protein taste just throws me off. I was skeptical of trying Axe and Sledge but let me tell you, I will never drink another protein again. The protein is extremely clean and being able to come back to essentially a banana milkshake after my pump is extra motivation. For the price and calorie count, I don’t think anyone else compares. If I was to notch points for anything it would be protein for serving, but just using a scoop and a half does the trick for me. 10/10 for me, and I can’t wait to try the rest of the flavors.

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