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Thyroid Support

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That tiny gland at the base of our necks has big things to say when it comes to our metabolism, hormone production, and achieving homeostasis. The thyroid can either help you thrive or drain your energy and focus. Feel like new again with this quality formula featuring 14 active ingredients including vitamin B12.
Vitamins & Minerals

Their combination of Vitamin B12, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese & Molybdenum may help to support immune function, healthy metabolism, and the thyroid.

Amino Acids

L-Tyrosine helps to make the thyroid hormones responsible for regulating metabolism, and the L-Tyrosine in our formula is designed to help support these functions.

Plant Extracts

Bladderwrack Powder contains 150mcg of iodine to help normalize thyroid function, and when blended with Kelp and Cayenne Pepper Powder, our formula may support increased energy and work to support circulation.

Adaptogen Powerhouse

Schisandra Powder and Ashwagandha Root are designed to work together as adaptogens to help reduce occasional stress which can help support the immune system.