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    Testosterone Booster that promotes optimal testosterone levels

    Testosterone Booster that promotes optimal testosterone levels

    Not everything gets better with time”- at least your testosterone does not! Testosterone often referred as “fountain of youth”, is the hormone that makes a man a MAN. Testosterone is the primary hormone associated with increasing muscle mass, boosting strength, and sex drive. As men age, testosterone levels decline naturally and almost indiscernibly.[1] After 30, the level of testosterone decreases about 1% annually[2].

    What Problems Result From Low Testosterone?

    Low testosterone results in undesirable alterations in body composition such as increased abdominal fat and decreased muscle mass [3]. Excess abdominal fat evokes severe-trouble as it simulates adverse effects on organs like the heart, liver, and kidneys. Low testosterone levels result in increased threat of cardiovascular disease and metabolic problems such as diabetes. Low testosterone can also be correlated with erectile dysfunction or impotence, depression, emotional changes, changes in sleep pattern, and decreased bone density.

    The Good News:

    With myriads of problems related to low testosterone and umpteen supplements piled in the supplement alley, it becomes onerous to choose the best supplement. But, you don’t have to worry! LabTech Nutraceutical presents LabTech T-Fuel Prime the trusted and perfect solution to curb all your problems and confusions. LabTech T-Fuel Prime is a testosterone booster that promotes optimal testosterone levels and decreases the estrogen levels. T-Fuel Prime is engineered to support a natural increase in testosterone levels thereby bolstering the lean body mass, reducing fat mass, increasing bone mineral density, repairing and regenerating tissues, improving memory, revitalizing sexual functions, and improving mood and well-being.

    Composition of T-Fuel Prime:

    Tribulus Terrestris : 1425 mg, Bulbine Natalensis : 150mg, Epimedium : 150mg, Shilajit : 100mg, Fadogia Agrestis : 75mg, Trans Resveratrol : 75mg, Ovine Placenta : 60mg, Diindolylmethane : 30mg, Piperine : 25mg

    Benefits of T-Fuel Prime:

    Backed by the trusted name of LabTech Nutraceuticals, T-Fuel Prime is a natural testosterone booster that combines cutting-edge ingredients in perfect ratio to help users regain stamina. By naturally boosting the testosterone levels, T-Fuel Prime guarantees to deliver a multitude of benefits such as increasing lean body mass, increasing bone density, improving sexual functions, and improving mood and well-being. Let us now delve into the world of benefits unlocked by the four core ingredients of T-Fuel Prime:

    Tribulus Terrestris

    Tribulus Terrestris also termed as “puncture vine”, “devil's thorn”, “devil's weed”, caltrop” and, “goathead” is a herbal nutrition supplement from Ayurveda that is mostly endorsed for male health including vigour and virility, and discretely more provisioned towards cardiovascular conditions (including angina, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, anemia and poor circulation)   and urogenital health.[4] It is a popular supplement for healthier libido, prostate health, and better sexual functions.[5] Tribulus Terrestris has been used to treat innumerable conditions, but lately, it is mainly used by athletes to enhance athletic performance by increasing strength and muscle mass. [5] I t is also credited to be beneficial with some digestive disorders such as constipation, flatulence, food poisoning, and overeating.

    Not only men, even women are benefitted from Tribulus terrestris as it increases libido, ameliorates ovulation effect, reduces vasomotor symptoms steering menopause, enhances sexual drive, and reduces apathy and hostility.

    Bulbine Natalensis

    Bulbine Natalensis is a juicy herb, indigenous to South Africa. It is used in traditional African medicine to treat a variety of illness - from bug stings to mosquito bites, mouth ulcers, cracked skin, blisters, cold sores, sunburn, cuts and even to speed the healing of bruises.[6] But recent researches have projected Bulbine Natalensis beneficial in enhancing libido, bolstering natural testosterone, and a reducing estrogen[7]. In the fitness regimen, users typically consume Bulbine Natalensis with the goal of increasing testosterone and sex drive.



    Epimedium, also referred to as Yin Yang Huo or Horny Goat Weed, is a robust remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been used for thousands of years to advance male potency, libido, and as an aphrodisiac [8]. Cutting edge Chinese medication utilizes the power of epimedium to treat impotence. Epimedium is also used to treat asthma, leukopenia, congestive heart failure, bronchitis, cervical dysplasia, leucorrhoea, and viral infections of the heart. It is formally recorded by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences as one of the elite group of herbs that slow down aging and promote longevity.[9]



    Shilajit - a sanskrit term that means “Conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness”, is a nutrient-rich biomass used in Ayurveda as a vitality booster. Shilajit contains 85+ minerals in ionic form, Vitamins, Fulvic acid and very important phytonutrients. The main active component in Shilajit are macromolecules known as fulvic acids that support every stage of cellular metabolism and detoxifies simple toxins.[10] Shilajit has proved its mettle as the most potent rejuvenator and is used to support energy, memory, absorption of vital nutrients, intelligence, healthy blood sugar. Shilajit is also a useful anti-inflammatory agent that addresses tissue damage and accelerates healing.[11] No wonder it’s known as the Conqueror of Mountains!


    Suggested Dosage:                                                            

    Take 1 serving (2 capsules) of Mega Fuel Prime twice daily with 10-12 ounces of water




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    Testosterone Booster Promotes Optimal Testosterone Levels

    Important Health Benefits of CLA and Omega 3,6,9

    Important Health Benefits of CLA and Omega 3,6,9

    Are you want to shed some extra body fat, gain lean muscle or tone up your body but finding it insanely difficult to choose the correct supplement? The dietary supplement aisle is very confusing. People are bombarded with conflicting information, and choosing the right supplements to achieve the desired fitness is not so easy.

    Well LabTech Nutraceuticals Mega Fuel Prime is here to put an end to all your confusions. Mega Fuel Prime is the building block for shedding fat, gaining lean muscles and toning up your body. Add an elite blend of CLA and Omega 3-6-9 to your fitness regimen with this innovative solution designed specifically for those who strive for body fat reduction. With fat metabolism and body sculpting as the driving factor, this eclectic approach includes directed solutions to help you deal with common weight loss challenges and deliver results that you can see and feel.


    The human body can produce all the fatty acids it needs, except for: linoleic acid (LA), an omega-6 fatty acid, and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid [1]. So it’s important to get those fatty acids from food or supplements. Mega Fuel Primes combination of 1500mg of CLA and 1500mg of Omega 3,6,9, supplies the vital fatty acids that are often difficult to obtain from the diet. Mega Fuel Prime is designed to reduce body fat, foster lean muscle mass, maintain healthy heart function and normal cholesterol levels.


    Omega Composition of Mega Fuel Prime:

    Conjugated Linoleic Acid - 1500 mg

    Omega-3 Fatty Acids       - 604 mg

    Omega-6 Fatty Acids       - 539 mg

    Omega-9 Fatty Acids       - 357 mg


    Let us now delve into the world of benefits unlocked by the four core ingredients of Mega Fuel Prime:

    Omega 3:

    Do you know Omega 3 deficiency is officially one of the top 10 causes of death in America? [2] This alone profounds how vital omega 3 is for the human body. Packed with a plethora of benefits, Omega 3 is the most essential nutrient our body needs. Omega 3 is an integral part of the cell membranes in our body and influences the capacity of the cell receptors in the cell membranes [3]. Omega-3 is an elixir for heart disease. These fats help the heart beat at a unfaltering pace and not skew into a perilous or conceivably deadly fitful rhythm. Thus, lowering the risk of chronic heart disease. Omega-3 reduces inflammation and may help lower risk of chronic diseases cancer, and arthritis. Omega-3 fatty acids are highly concentrated in the brain and are vital for brain memory and execution, and behavioral capacity. Omega-3 regulates cholesterol triglyceride levels. Research shows that infants who don’t get enough omega-3 fatty acids from their mothers during pregnancy are at hazard for developing vision and nerve problems

    Omega 6:

    Omega-6 [4] fatty acid in balance with omega-3 fatty acid produces many of the health benefits, but only when taken in the right amounts [3]. Omega-6 is likewise in charge of reduced bone loss and increased bone density. Omega-6 fatty acids have been found to subdue thyroid symptoms and treats rheumatoid arthritis. Omega-6 advances hair growth and health as it moisturizes the scalp. Also, it bolsters skin health. Omega-6 has an anti-inflammatory impact on our skin and aids in calming irritated skin [4].Omega-6-GLA in combination with omega-3 fish oil also helps in mitigating high blood pressure symptoms.


    Research has shown that omega-9 fatty acids can alleviate the risk of cardiovascular ailment and stroke [5]. Omega-9 benefits heart health as it increases the good cholesterol- HDL cholesterol and decreases the bad cholesterol- LDL cholesterol. Omega-9 unsaturated fats are magical potion that boosts energy, curbs anger and elevates your mood. So if you feel weary and peevish, and you need to invigorate energy levels you can rely on this fatty acid. Research shows that omega-9 is beneficial for those with Alzheimer’s disease[5] . This means omega-9 adds to memory enhancement and improved cognitive function.

    Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

    Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) [6], produced from linoleic acid is a potent antioxidant, anti-carcinogen, and anti-catabolite, as well as a powerful immune system enhancer[7]. It aids weight loss and improves body composition by elevating metabolic rate. Also, it enhances the muscle growth and attenuates the elevated cholesterol and triglyceride. It reduces food-induced allergic reactions and bolsters immune system’s ability to function properly. CLA supplementation was also shown to ameliorate the lean mass to body fat ratio, decreasing fat deposition, especially in the main problem area- abdomen, and enhancing muscle growth [6]. It is a well-known cancer fighter.

    Why LabTech Nutraceuticals?

    100% Label Transparency. The LabTech label displays all the necessary information such as ingredients, nutrition, allergen information, usage instruction, warning and other advisory information. No Proprietary blends [8] (A proprietary blend is actually a combination of ingredients in which the total amount of all ingredients combined is listed on the label, but the specific amounts of each ingredient IS NOT). Labtech Mega Fuel Prime also offers an excellent value (price) when combining CLA and Omega as one product.

    Suggested Dosage:                                                                    

    Take 1 serving (3 soft gels) of Mega Fuel Prime daily, preferably with each meal daily.

    Where to Buy LabTech Mega Fuel Prime

    Consumers can purchase product at shoptotalnutrition.com and retailers can contact nick@labtechnutraceuticals.com for more information on LabTech.


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    Fat Loss & Important Health Benefits of CLA & Omega 3,6,9